The textile industry is the industry that involves the sections like research, design, development, manufacturing, and distribution of textiles, fabrics, and clothing. Before the invention of the industrial age, fabrics and clothes were created at home by people for their personal use. With increasing demand from consumers, the production was taken to a commercial level where it is mass-produced.

India is the second-largest producer of textiles in the world. The Indian textile industry is primarily export-oriented but contributes to 25% of the country’s manufacturing output and provides employment to more than 50 million people in India or 6% of total manufacturing employment. The production of textiles has also created a large informal sector of small producers, which employs about 77% of all workers in material-related industries.

Mainly used of roller for the textile industry.

The rubber roller is used mainly in the textile industry due to its unique features. They are lightweight with velocity and high frequency. These rollers are used for calling and un-calendering, creeping and wrinkling, drying and pre-heating, and processing hot air and steam. The main characteristic of the rubber roller is its ability to handle delicate fabrics easily without damaging them with even pressure per unit surface area all over the material as it is passed through the machine.

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Our clients can avail the rubber roller in many areas of the packaging industry. We ship the rubber rollers in time without compromising on the quality of rollers. They are available at affordable prices. We manufacture the rubber Rollers to comply with international quality standards and can be accessed at the lowest prices. With the help of the quality control department, quality tests are conducted thoroughly before they are delivered to customers. This is why our Rubber Rollers are highly demanded in various packaging industries, both in the domestic and international markets.

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We have been supplying quality rollers under the brand name Anar Rub Tech Pvt. Ltd. to the clients for their industrial requirements since 1978. Our Roller Products have been tried and tested in an infinite range of industrial machinery to ensure client satisfaction. We take pride in producing High Precision Rollers, Heavy Duty Nip Rollers, Sanforizeing Belts & Sanforizer Belting, Elastomeric Elongation Belts, Mold Release Rolls, Punching Unit Roller Sets, Tube Rollers, Packing Unit Rollers and many more related items for a broad spectrum of industrial applications.


We export our rollers to a variety of countries and industries. We offer high-quality rollers to Pakistan. We ship to these nations: Turkey, Iran, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Ghana, South Africa, Vietnam, etc.

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