Metal Expander

Metal Expander

Metal Expander Rollers We are renowned as a manufacturer of a broad variety of Industrial Metal Expanders to our clients as per their requirements. Metal expanders are high-end in their performance, which is the reason why they are widely sought-after nowadays. The efficiency rates of these items are high, and they also have an extended life. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and sizes in the market. These types of items are strong and have higher efficiency.

Metal expander roll has hard chrome surfaces perfect for high-speed applications in the paper industry, specifically for slitter reminders, Calendars, Poop Reels, M.G cylinders. It will not wear and tear for high-speed machines, and it is commonly used instead of a rubber bow roll. It's heavy because of its internal construction. It will require additional pulleys and drives for the drive of the roller.


  • Individual Segment Rotating Type
  • Single Piece Rotating Type

Metal Expander Roller in Industries

Our expander roller systems are globally used in the paper industry, ranging from small to giant MNCs like Norske Skog, which is now disappearing. Our expander rollers are still trusted for different applications seamlessly, including removing wrinkles, controlling slack edges, separating slit web on the winder, and even out lateral tension across the web width.

The Metal Expander Roller's robust design makes it an ideal tool for transporting heavy loads. Its sturdy base material, combined with a hard chrome metallic surface, lends it an important feature, durability. Ongoing repeat orders from existing and new customers validate the global quality standard!


Unlike any other metal bow rollers available in the market, our Metal Expander Roller is guaranteed to be durable and consistent in its performance—offering you the best-in-class service when it comes to superior quality.

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