Differential Shaft

What is a Differential Shaft?

Differential shaft is use in slitting machine. Also it work on rewinding station and running at high speed. Also small width winding is possible on this shaft. Automatic tension controlling through rotary union in dynamic condition by signals from machine drive. Differential Shafts are designed to provide the better degree of control to ensure multiple core gripping so that applications are performed correctly

Sizes of Differential shaft

  • Suitable For Core ID. 3", 6" & 8”
  • Length As Per customer Requirement

Features of differential rewind shafts

  • Shaft Can Run at a Very High Speed & high tension
  • It Can Compensate For Speed Variations Due To Gauge Variations.
  • A Minimum Of 20 Millimetres Core Width Is Achievable.
  • Reel-Holding Is Possible In Any Location Across The Length.
  • It Is Not Necessary To Re-Position Cores Because There Are No Distance Pieces To Be Used.
  • These Shafts Comprise Rubber Bladders With Slotted Shafts, Grounded And Hard Steel Cages With Ball-Shaped Grippers

Capabilities of winding shafts

  • Up To 1 Tons Of Load
  • Core Materials That Are Suitable For Use: Steel, Paper, Thermoplastics Minimum Core Width Of 20 Mm.
  • Suitable For Face Diameter 3", 4", 6", 8" (Metric Size, And Other Sizes Are Also Manufactured)
  • Length To Be Determined
  • Up To 650 Meters/Min Of Speed

The Most Common Construction Materials Include

  • Body – EN-19
  • Boll lock – S.S
  • End Generals – EN-19- Simple Or Hardened.
  • Air tube – P.U.

Applications of clutch shaft

  • Used for slitter rewinder machines
  • Helps for the creation of neat rolls
  • Used to wind duplex shafts
  • Increases the roller's efficiency

Differential Shaft In Industries

A differential shaft is used in the packaging industry. And also be used in various high speed machinery found in the slitting industries.

Our Quality of differential rewind shafts

Our company is a leading exporter and producer of Differential Shaft. The products are utilized across a range of industries. The minimum width of the core that these materials have is 20 millimetres. The length of these items is dependent on the needs of our clients. The major benefit to these goods is that they are constructed out of EN-19, steel and rubber. They are offered at an affordable price on the market because of the high quality of raw materials.

Exports of slitter rewinder machines

Anar Rub Tech Pvt. Ltd. is a premier Differential Shaft Manufacturer in Ahmedabad mainly used in the printing industry The offered roller is fabricated and designed using the most sophisticated techniques and tools in compliance with industry-set standards and norms under the observation of our knowledgeable experts.

Why Choose us for Differential shaft

We provide you the best quality differential air shaft. We have a skilled workforce, and we understand the requirements of the customers. Differential air shafts are quite expensive hence we offer our customers an affordable price. We are leading manufacturer and exporter of rubber roller and air shafts.

FAQs about Differential shafts

What is the function of a differential?

The main function of this shaft is to wind minimum width material and to take up multiple core at a time. Differential shafts is also work on high speed application.

What is the advantage of the differential?

Differential shaft is use for proper and small width winding. In terms of efficiency, the differential will result in less energy loss than alternative solutions. Differential shaft is the best solution for sensitive material.

What are the types of differential?

There are Two main types of differentials
1) Self Locking
2) Pneumatic

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