Multi Tube Air Shaft

Multi Tube Air Shaft

We are known for offering a wide variety of Multi Tube Shaft. They are available in a variety of sizes and prices on the market. The main benefit to these goods is their body is composed of stainless steel making them tough and sturdy. These products have excellent corrosion resistance. The multi-tube shafts can be found in the printing and packaging industries. If the bladders of these products are damaged, they are easily replaced.

Multi Tube Air Shaft Useful in industries

Multi Tube Air Shafts are primarily used in Textile Industries, Paper Mill or Printing-Packaging Industries and the winding of rolls. In paper mills, it has the primary use of passing the core rolls. In printing & coating industries, it primarily provides air to multiple cores or rolls. It is considered as handy machinery with numerous applications in industries. Its use is widespread & demanded to be employed in its true sense in initiatives to get their work done fruitfully. So, for this purpose Multi-Tube Air Shaft are available.

Multi-Tube Air Shaft by our company is a unique offering that allows companies to take care of the multi-tube winding and unwinding activities with the same product. Our research and development team developed the product, keeping in mind the needs of industries relying on multi-tube products. The scope of businesses, including bundling, material, and tyre, depends on the item's high accuracy for winding and loosening measures. The machines work upon PLC and CNC-controlled systems and undergo a thorough inspection by our quality testing team before dispatch. We constantly strive toward perfection and ensure that we provide the best products at affordable prices.


  • We build Multi-Tube Air Shafts that are developed in line with international specifications.
  • The top-quality raw material is procured from reliable vendors to ensure quality standards are met at all times.
  • All manufacturing stages are supervised to check the product range's finish and sturdiness.
  • Multi-Tube Air Shafts are tested for their durability and high performance in accordance with the set industry norms.
  • It can easily be installed on multiple or large diameter cores. It also provides better gripping than the traditional shafts.


We are the most reliable exporter of Multi-Tube Air Shafts available on the market. We give this item to our clients at the most competitive cost. We offer these products with the highest quality and guarantee of durability. We produce this product according to the specifications of our customers within the timeframe they have specified.

Why us

Our Multi Tube Air Shaft is made of high-density unique raw material to provide precise tension during working time. These shafts are available in different types to cater to other clients' needs.

To meet the diversified needs of our customers, we offer custom options. Multi-Tube Air Shaft. To bring down the manufacturing cost, manufacturing innovativeness and quality are inevitable.

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