Anilox Roller

Anilox Roller

There are a number of good reasons to consider anilox rollers to be the primary component of the printing press, not the least of which is the direct effect its performance can have on the printing outcomes. We have a thorough understanding of the interconnected elements in play, and are constantly making attempts to make sure that the anilox rollers optimize the printing process.

We have a large range of designs, styles and coats, anilox engraving techniques and many more. Our portfolio of products is guaranteed to provide the ideal industrial solutions to meet your particular requirements.

No matter if your business includes barcodes, bottle labels or serial-number type plates, we are able to serve your needs as a producer of anilox rollers the best solution to meet your needs that includes the complete range of finishing and printing options.

Our hard-wearing ceramic coating that is applied to aluminum cylinders made of steel and sleeves, allows for faster job changes. We are focused on the requirements of the specific printing machine you are using.

Label printing is possible on various substrates. Our custom anilox rollers and sleeves are explicitly intended to react to this assortment of uses and give amazing printing results.

Best results using our rollers

The smallest amount of waste and the tightest tolerances to colour put the highest demands on cell-engraving anilox rollers. Anilox solutions allows you to ensure the highest quality reproducibility to printing jobs. We do not force you to compromise, since uniform solid tones and smooth inking results in natural, soft gradients. Anilox rollers provide new possibilities for users in the realm of HD Flexo printing across all colour’s, with particular regards for UV-based inks.

Packaging materials have to become constantly improved, more efficient as well as lighter in weight and have a lower cost. The need to find an equilibrium between efficiency in economics as well as environmental sustainability, and evolving, innovative concepts is a significant issue for the industry. The anilox rollers we offer allows you to adapt depending on your specific printing needs. As the pioneers in the area of anilox rollers we collaborate with all the well-known leading manufacturers of printing equipment We are able to assist you in choosing the best combination of anilox rollers to suit your specific application.

High-quality benchmarks

Like repro departments, which determine the specifications of your printing services, we also maintain the minimum tolerances in relation to the volume of cells on anilox rollers. This helps reduce the time to set up of your printing equipment as well as allowing you to swiftly reach - and maintain the CMYK color balance. This allows you to rapidly print out your artwork on broad selection of substrates like PE, PP, OPP HDPE LDPE and MDPE. OPP, PP, PA/PE, COEX, PP-woven, organic film, aluminum composite and so on. No matter what you're working with. Halftones in the range of 60 or 54 LPI or higher.

Our contribution to your objectives

The anilox rollers we offer allow printing of packaging films even using water-based coloured inks, thus achieving the present trend to use eco-friendly packaging materials. The remarkable drainage capability of our anilox rollers let you transfer ink in a perfect manner and ensures the stability of repeated and new printing jobs. So you can focus on your primary day-to-day job of printing.