Air Chuck

What is Air Chuck?

Air chuck is the product which is use to wind a material by using different size of core on specify base shaft. It’s a product which is use for changeover of core size. It’s available in different size of through bore inside for holding on a shaft.


  • Low maintenance & easy to use
  • Sturdy design
  • Quick changeover
  • Highly reliable & concentric


  • Rewinder Machines
  • Unwinder machines
  • Roto-Gravure
  • Flexographic Machines

Quality of Air chuck

The air chuck range we provide is designed with a part of our customer's assistance, with wellbeing the main element. The holding part of the air chuck range has an intense elastic increase which can be used to hold a wide variety of centres. Their unique design allows for high-torque core locking with no harm to the core. It can easily and economically replaced in the event of wear. The position of air chuck can be easily adjusted with help of provided fasteners for effortless use .This further increases opportunities for creative usage of chuck.

  • Economical And Lightweight.
  • Widely Utilized For core holding and safely wind the material.
  • Absolutely No Damage to the core bore.
  • Easy Mounting & adjustment On the Shaft.

Core Holding Chuck In Industries

Packaging & Flexible Industries

Air Chuck offers holding differentsize of reels of packing products and services to help their clients build a successful as well as efficient supply chain.

Textile Industries

Air Chuck In Textile Industries Limited is a pioneer and top exporter and manufacturer of top-quality textile machinery.

Paper Industries

The paper industry as an industry requires an amount of a round industrial air chucks in order to create the reel as per their suitability. Great option for retro fitting existing Shaft or rod.

Export of air shaft adapter

Our Air Chucks are made according to international standards of quality in complete conformity with the standards of quality. We offer in-depth inspection and processing of all of products. We have employed the most recent technology and the most sophisticated classification machines and highly skilled engineers.Exports are made to countries such as Slovenia, Spain, Myanmar, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Fiji, Bahrain, Nepal, Nigeria & numerous other countries.

Best air chucks manufacturer

Anar Rub Tech Pvt. Ltd. Works is a privately owned organization with undisputed prestigious and stable footing in Manufacturing and Supplying of Best air and Multibladder chuck in ahmedabad. We believe in providing top-notch quality at a competitive cost.

We are Works which has brought forth the Quality Produced Air Chuck for the process plant, it is fittingly accessible in quality finishing standards. The Value Added Selling Points of air chuck are resistance to Corrosion, Rust, Highly Durable, Sturdy, Longer Service Life, and so on.

How do you use air chucks?

Simply use on air shaft and also on Rod. Air chucks are hold on air shaft or rod by using air pressure or tighten the side lock of chucks. After holding chucks on shaft you can use your reel on it for winding and unwinding application.

Are air chucks different sizes?

Standard size of chucks are 6’’,8’’ up to 12’’. We also manufacturing chucks as per customer require like (3’’,4’’,5’’, etc.).