Rubber Rollers, Industrial Flexo printing rubber roll in Ahmedabad.

Rubber Roller

Rubber Roller also known as printing rubber roller. Rubber roller use for Printing, plastic, paper industry etc. Rubber Roller manufacturer in Gujarat, India.

Rubber roller manufactures in India, mainly by molding process, beneath high hydraulic pressure, which guarantees compact microstructure thus longer life and strength. Rubber Rollers, Industrial EPDM Rubber Roller in Ahmedabad. We provide quick quotes and speedy turnaround times, which are fabricated with new technologies and innovative ideas. We are successfully catering to the needs of expanding multiple markets in India and abroad. With our vast experience and knowledge, we have many OEM customers, and this technical knowledge and the enormous understanding of roll applications are the first preference among the customers.

Rubber rolls from us are constructed to withstand the most challenging demands, such as temperature fluctuations or abrasives and solvents. We produce a range of customized rubber rollers for various kinds of applications. These are fabricated with new technologies and innovative ideas as well. The industries we serve include printing, paper, plastic, packaging, and many more. Our mission is to supply our customers with the quality equipment they require to be successful.

The Rubber Roller is specifically designed to meet the exacting web spreading requirements of the paper, textile, plastics industries & many more. It has proved its reliability time after time in demanding environments. Our Rubber Rollers offer clients a broad scope of benefits like – abrasive resistance, antistatic property, chemical resistance, heat resistance, nonstick surface, friction resistance, and others specification as per requirement.

We are not here to sell rollers only; we are here to provide a technical solution.


Anar Rub Tech Pvt Ltd is leading manufacturer of industrial rubber roller in ahmedabad. Industrial rubber roller widely used for web processing in varies field. It is used in varies application like paper mill textile, printing, steel, packaging, plastic, converting, plywood, lather etc. Furthermore, this highly finished, abrasion-resistant, and High tensile strength Industrial Rubber Roller which provide excellent outcome.


Anar Rub Tech Pvt Ltd manufacture printing rubber roller with accurate surface finish and special rubber compound which gives finest output in today's modern printing industry. Printing rubber roller used in various printing machine like flexographic printing machine, rotogravure printing machine, label printing machine etc. our printing roller are resist to like ink, ethyl and toluene. Its provide excellent and even ink transfer. At our well-equipped manufacturing facility, this roller is made with the highest quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology.


Anar Rub Tech Pvt Ltd offers quality lamination rubber roller for various lamination process like Solventless / Solvent Base Lamination, hot lamination, cold lamination etc with anar special compound which produces a better outcome. Our offered lamination rubber roller is made with high-quality materials and cutting-edge processes in accordance with industry requirements. This laminating rubber roller is available in a variety of specifications to meet the needs of our customers.


We have a long history of effectively manufacturing and delivering flexo printing rubber roll. The rollers are free from chemical effects and anti-static, durable with super finish surface which gives high performance. Our products are quality tested under diverse parameters before dispatching them to the customers. These rollers are light in weight and are very user-friendly. We offer our rubber rollers at very affordable rates. It has silent features like light in weight, abrasive resistance, user friendly with affordable price.


Anar Rub Tech Pvt Ltd silicon rubber roller are widely used in various application like lamination, coating, hot stamping and non stick application etc. These rollers have incredible features like anti-static nature, with stand with high temperature , non-sticky, chemical resistance, good abrasion resistance, etc. Our rollers are fabricated under the guidance of our expert professionals, utilizing supreme quality raw material as well as contemporary technology. Silicon roller is also use for food grade application.


Anar Rub Tech Pvt Ltd is chief Rubber Roller manufacturer in India specially meant for flexible Packaging industries. These rollers are made up of finest quality raw-material employing the most contemporary technology. For the plastic and flexible packaging sectors, we have an unique rubber compound for solvent less laminating rollers. Our Solvent less Lamination Rubber Rollers operate exceptionally well and are extremely solvent resistant to a variety of negative impacts. These rollers are made in accordance to the international quality standards and are available at reasonable price. Our quality control team inspect them austerely before supplying them to the clients. Hence are preferred in numerous plastic and flexible packaging industries not only in domestic the as well as international market.


The majority of the industries we carter are

  • Plastic packaging
  • Converting industry
  • Polyester film plants
  • Printing industry
  • Foil
  • Fibre & Yarn
  • Paper
  • Plywood
  • Steel
  • Textile
  • Leather
  • Food
  • Tyre, and many more

Production Process

As discussed how the production process will work has been defined in the below-mentioned points.

  • Core Roller Manufacturing
  • Rubber coating
  • Rubber grinding & finishing
  • Inspection

Types of Rubber Roller

  • Printing/impression furnishing rollers.(rotogravure, flexographic printing)
  • Lamination rollers (extrusion lamination, Solventless / solvent base lamination)
  • Film plant rollers (nip rollers, drum rollers, transport rollers)
  • Diamond groove rollers & customized groove rollers.
  • Drive Rollers
  • Guide Rollers
  • Grooved Rollers
  • Conveyor Rollers
  • Dead shaft Rollers
  • Spreader Rollers

Rubber rollers for industrial use are rolls used in industrial applications that include manufacturing equipment such as film-Extrusion, printing presses, and others. Different rollers could be classified as industrial rollers, so long as they are used in industrial tasks.


  • Shell material – MS / SS / Aluminum
  • Diameter – up to 800 mm
  • Length – up to 8000 mm
  • Coating – neoprene, nitrile, silicone, EPDM, hyplone, SBR, Teflon, polyurethane

Advantages of Rubber Rolls

Rubber rollers provide their customers with numerous benefits. In the first place, unlike metal rollers in the conveyor systems, rubber rolls are characterized by the highest coefficient of friction which allows for a great grip on moving components and parts. Additionally, they can adjust for minor changes that result from the operation of machines. Furthermore, they have all the advantages of rubber.

The reason rubber is a very popular material to create rollers and aid in the movement of objects is the fact that it can be repeatedly pressed and relaxed and not lose its form. A material that is unable to keep its shape, and will require constant replacement could be utterly ineffective. Rubber can also absorb shocks and from scratching and injury. It is also relatively inexpensive to get and manipulate. One of the advantages of rubber rollers is that they can be recycled and reused and again.