safety chuck

What is safety chuck

In shafted Centre wind and center unwind applications, it is a fast coupling.

Safety Chucks have three purposes:They allow for fast replacement at the end of a production run (either winding or unwinding). The Safety Chuck has the benefits of eliminating downtime during turn around, making the process more cost effective.They allow torque to be sent to a roll that is either winding or unwinding. On the rewind, torque is used as a drive, while on the unwind stand, torque is applied as a brake.

It’s also ensure concentricity between the Safety Chuck's centerline (axis) and the roll shaft's centerline. The roll shaft and the Safety Chuck have less eccentricity, which implies less vibration and wear.

Square bar holder

Safety Chuck is made to be used safely. Even if the operator forgets to activate the locking system, it will lock on the first cycle. It has a capacity up to 2000 kg, and all of its parts are chrome and phosphate coated. Any type of spare part is available and can be readily replaced. The mechanical assembly is rated to haul between up to 2000 kg. It is made up of springs that automatically lock into the first cycle. As a result, customers can prevent human errors when using safety measures as a result of this. They allow for rapid adjustments after an entire manufacturing process has been completed (either winding or unwinding). The key advantage of this Safety Chuck is that it saves turnaround time and increases cost efficiency.

Types of Safety Chuck

  • Light Duty up to 500 kg
  • Sliding, And Tilting type
  • Heavy-Duty Up To 2000 Kg
  • VC type
  • Adjustable type safety chuck

Unique Features of sliding type safety chuck

  • Significantly reduces loading and unloading time
  • Maintenance-free
  • Sturdy construction – durable
  • Simple to install and use
  • Base/ flange mounting system
  • Wall/ flange mounting system
  • The sturdy design adds durability

Technical Info of safety chuck

They are a means of transferring torque into a roller in a winding station. On the rewind, torque is generated by an engine, while on the unwind stand, torque is generated by brakes. Less vibration and wear are caused by a smaller degree of exaggeration between the wheel and the safety chuck.

This Chuck is easy for mounting it horizontally and vertically. It is applied for winding and unwinding machines, supporting functions such as eliminating high-speed torsion during driving, reducing energy consumption, improving work efficiency, and simplifying operation procedures.

Heavy duty safety chuck

  • Foot And Base Mounting Safety Chuck
  • Flange/Wall Mounting Safety Chuck
  • customized size for heavy duty

Safety Chuck size

  • Square size – 16 mm to 100 mm

Application (used) of tilting type safety chuck

Industrial safety chucks are manufactured and supplied for winding and unwinding applications in paper & pulp, packaging, printing, and flexible industries.

Quality of safety Chuck

Here in Anar Rub Tech, safety chucks are built with cutting-edge technology while prioritizing customer-specific requirements.They are safe to handle securely both light and heavy-duty shafts during loading and unloading operation.

We offer high quality chuck in different construction for customer to choose for fulfilling their needs.

Why Choose us as Safety Chuck manufacturer

Anar Rub Tech Pvt. Ltd. is an industry leader in the production, export, and supplier of industrial safety chucks.

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