Mechanical Shaft

About Mechanical Shaft

The exquisitely designed, Mechanical Expandable Shaft reflects our constant focus on high quality. With the help of cutting-edge technology, non-pneumatic shafts can meet the high speed and high load specifications. Its main components are steel lugs, ratchets slots, slotted pipe, and brass cam. The unique design that is industry-specific allows users to have an incredibly strong grip and centering. The favorable business-related uneven inside dimensions of cores add benefit to the product.

The Mechanical Shaft is available in one inch up to six-inch diameter and features positive expansion and retraction up to a uniform diameter.

Due to the synchronized movement of all the lugs due to the synchronized movement of all lugs, Mechanical shaft has excellent centralization regardless of the core diameter and weight of the roll. The expansion can happen entirely mechanically or through compressed air.

Technical Specification

It is a lug-type shaft. However, the core holds are activated mechanically, not pneumatically.

The shaft is mainly made up of steel lugs and brass cams, ratchet, etc.

The shaft can take on any challenge caused by high speed and loads.

It's only possible through positive gripping and core centering, which is accomplished without additional effort with the aid of cam/lug designs.

It's very beneficial when cores have a varying inner diameter. Key and alien-cap bolts prevent the journals from being ripped off pipe assembly.

Mechanical Expandable Shaft in Industries

Mechanical Expandable Shaft is being utilized by various industries, such as Packaging, Plastic, Textile, and many more!

As maintenance costs are an integral component of the price it is no surprise that the Mechanical Expandable Shaft produced using the latest technology demands minimum maintenance. This is a remarkable attribute that is affordable and suitable for business! Similar features make this the most effective range in its class!


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Why us

We manufacture expanding mechanical shafts. We have been awarded three occasions National Award and two times International Award for Quality manufacturing. We also manufacture all kinds of Rubber Roller.

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