Embossing Roller

Embossing Roller

Anar Rub Tech Pvt. Ltd. top exporters and manufacturers of industrial and embossing rollers. The rollers are extensively used for the engraving process onto PVC Leather, Cloth PU Leather, PVC Sheet Tissue Paper, Fiber glass PE sheets, tiles and floors, and so on.

The rollers are made at an advanced facility at Anar Rub Technology Pvt. Ltd. India using the latest Digi laser technology. The highest quality of materials, cutting-edge techniques, highly skilled staff, enhanced by a strict quality control system and prompt delivery dates all work together to produce products that meet our customers' particular needs.

Types of Embossing Roller and Use in Industries

The Embossing rollers for hot stamping are used to distress the surface of any material to obtain a decorative finish. Embossing is applied to a wide range of materials, including leather, wood, plastic, paper, foil and various polymers etc. Embossing can be used to give a soft or a raised effect. The patterns that are being embossed depend on the design of the rollers and the frequency at which they are being applied. We have a wide range of embossing rollers which consists of floral designs, stripes, waves, zigzag designs etc.

Bathmate Embossing Roller

Anar Rub Tech is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Embossing Rollers. Our rollers are produced utilizing excellent unrefined substance with particular warming treatment. Further, these are widely used for surface embossing on leather, leatherneck, plastic, sheet, paper, non-woven cloth, decorative material, non-ferrous metal, glass, paper, etc

Engraving Roller

Engraving Rolls are used for printing purposes on garments, fabrics and other materials. These rollers are drawn by the thread and provide superfine embossed prints on these products. The rubber rollers make the embroidery by giving the upper layer with the lower layers of thread.

The 3D embossing roll

The 3D embossing roll is a hot sale in the online store. It's perfect for making greeting cards, handbags, wedding cards...The embossed designs on it are of high quality and durable to useā€¦

Leather Embossing Roll

Leather embossing roll is designed with eight corrugations of aluminum alloy by extrusion rotation. It increases ink flowing circulation, isolates impurities in the ink tank, completely prevents ink dried, to improve printing quality. When roller rolling, the ink stick rotates opposite directions by adsorbing the roller's rotation. The surface ink will pivot, carrying alongside the wave. So it makes ink mixed evenly to avoid the quality issue. Roller can also be made exactly as per the customer's drawing and in different materials required by our customers.


Its Embossing Roller is easy to use and can be placed in any spot without any hassle. Our products is easy and hassle-free, and ensures an extended life of service. Our goal is to offer high-quality products and services at affordable costs.


We have exported our products to different countries and regions, such as Eastern Europe, Western Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Kenya, Fiji, Indonesia, Myanmar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Nepal and many more. After years of development, our company has become a professional enterprise that produces the Embossing Roller. We sincerely welcome all potential buyers to purchase the high-quality Embossing Roller from us.

Why Anar Rub Tech Pvt. Ltd.?

We are giving you the best Quality Embossing Roller. This roller is made of the latest technology. We are producing high-quality Embossing Roller, which is durable in use. It works better than the old types of embossing roller. It gives you high intensity, long durability service with easy working ability. The rollers are installed in a good structure and guide rail separated with steel pitch arms to ensure even rolling pressure, smooth rotation movement by multi-level lubricating oil pump device surrounded by anticorrosion alloy steel sheet.

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