Anar Rub Tech Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing and exporting a top-quality variety of printing rollers worldwide for our customers. They are sturdy and durable and have a high degree of performance. They are incredibly durable and designed by experienced team members and skilled labourers. They are extensively utilized in different printing industries.

We offer our products in a customized format according to the needs of our Industry of customers.

We also have a special rubber compound designed for UV-printing, varnish and coating rollers that ensures long-lasting and flawless performance.

Our CNC Lathes allow us to deliver the most precise and accurate product for your Industry.

Anar Rub Tech Pvt. Ltd. has extensive expertise in manufacturing and recovering rolling rollers used in the printing business. Our speciality areas include offset, gravure, flexographic thermal print as well as digital roll.

One of the significant issues with printing rollers is the shrinking and hardening of the rollers in use. The chemicals used to be chemically resistant and have less heat build-up and more excellent stability to solve these issues. The most common elastomers utilized are Nitrile PVC, Nitrile, EPDM and PVC and Nitrile. EPDM as well as silicone.

Why we are Advance

Our rollers are produced using top-quality materials that are sourced from reliable suppliers. They are made with the latest technology under the direction of experts, in compliance with high-quality international standards. They are highly resistant to fire, as well as reflecting heat. They are constructed from fireproof materials. Our rollers are resistant to wear and tear, as well scratches. Furthermore, they're long-lasting.

Quality We give you

We strive to create the highest-quality, high-end product made from durable rubber to meet our customers' particular requirements. We provide a range of styles to our customers, who can pick the one that best meets their requirements the best. We know the significance of having to keep good relationships with our customers. We cooperate to establish trust and enjoy working together. We, therefore, ensure the best quality results.


The rollers we sell are shipped to a range of industries and countries. We offer high-end roll-ons for Pakistan. We export to the following countries: Turkey, Iran, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Ghana, South Africa, Vietnam and many more.

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