Packagin Industry

Anar Rub Tech Pvt. Ltd. is the chief Rubber Roller manufacturer in India specially meant for the Packaging industries. Our rollers are utilized for various applications like printing, pulling, overlay, nipping, waxing, crushing, taking care of, and conduction. These rollers are made up of the finest quality raw material employing the most contemporary technology. Our range comprises Rollers for packaging, Industrial rollers, Rubber rollers for textile machinery, Textile machinery rollers, Peppermill roller shutters, etc.

We are a leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of top-notch quality Rubber Rollers extensively used for packaging applications. These rollers are long-lasting and deliver the best performance. We offer these products in different specifications as per the demand of the clients. With a vast distribution network all over India, we assure timely delivery of orders.

Mainly Uses of Rubber Roller for Packaging Industry

There are three types of rollers in this context: Plain Bearings, Plastic Bearings, and Rubber Bearings. Rubber bearings are primarily used in packaging processes; their properties can differentiate them from chemical or physical. There are mainly uses of rubber roller for packaging because it has flexibility, durability, and chemical resistance.

Rubber rollers are used in packaging to move the sheets that are being wrapped over them. Rubber rollers are available in various forms that can be used to convey any material that can be wound, solid objects, plastics, etc. These materials are packaged through compression using rubber rollers. They are available in various sizes and shapes depending on the object's height to be wrapped and cloth. Some of these rubber rollers have round-shaped surfaces, while others have flat surfaces.

Application of Rubber Roller for Packaging Industries

The application of Rubber Roller for packaging industries is an essential topic in production with quality applications. It includes packaging activities with the involvement of large companies in the market. Production of several products involves using a variety of techniques depending on the product to be made. Packaging is an activity involving the storage and transportation of goods to protect them from external factors. The scope revolves around containerization with numerous packaging materials used.

Quality of Rubber Roller for Packaging Industries

Rubber roller has importance in packaging industries for various purposes. These rubber rollers are designed for packaging purposes. Packaging is an excellent mode of transporting valuable articles from one place to another from a distant place. Various reports are wrapped along with rubber rollers within a covering to avoid various kinds of damages; during delivery from one place to another, one will reach their destination safely. Rubbers roller for packaging industries using different sizes that come with other quality. If you find any deficiency in your roller, stop contacting us, we have a variety of solutions for people worldwide who have these problems.


We export rollers to various Industries and countries. We provide high-quality rollers to Pakistan. We ship to these nations: Turkey, Iran, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Ghana, South Africa, Vietnam, etc.