With years of experience in this field, We are believed to be the primary producer of Rubber Roller for Metal Industries. We manufacture the rubber roller by using top quality raw materials to provide the best quality products, with the help of modern technology on the market. The rubber Rollers come manufactured according to international standards and therefore are extremely efficient and have high performance. They are unbeatable to consumption as well as wear and wear and. They are dimensionally precise and last a long time. Our rollers are quality-tested at each step of production by international standards and norms. Our products are made and designed specifically for the sheet metal manufacturing industry.

Quality of our product

We are in the business of obtaining and producing a variety of rollers used in sheets of metal for our customers worldwide. Our products are composed of premium raw materials obtained from a trusted and experienced supplier in the business. They are inspected for quality throughout the entire process of manufacturing in line with international standards and norms. Our products are created and manufactured specifically to meet the needs of sheet metal producers.

Our Specialty

We've been supplying high-quality rollers under our brand name of Anar Rub Tech. Ltd. to clients to meet their industrial needs since 1978, our Roller Products have been tried and tested on an endless array of industrial equipment to ensure customer satisfaction. We are proud to manufacture High Precision Rollers heavy-duty Nip Rollers Sanphorising Belts and Sanphorizer Belting, Elastomeric Elongation Belts, Mold Release Rolls, Punching Unit Roller Sets, Tube Rollers, Packing Unit Rollers and a variety of other products for a wide range of industrial uses.


Our rollers are exported to a range of industries and countries. We supply high-quality rollers to the following countries: Turkey, Iran, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Ghana, South Africa, Vietnam, etc.

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