Rubber Rollers, Industrial Flexo printing rubber roll in Ahmedabad.

Rubber Roller

Rubber Roller also known as printing rubber roller. Rubber roller use for Printing, plastic, paper industry etc. Rubber Roller manufacturer in Gujarat, India.

Rubber roller manufactures in India, mainly by molding process, beneath high hydraulic pressure, which guarantees compact microstructure thus longer life and strength. Rubber Rollers, Industrial EPDM Rubber Roller in Ahmedabad. We provide quick quotes and speedy turnaround times, which are fabricated with new technologies and innovative ideas. We are successfully catering to the needs of expanding multiple markets in India and abroad. With our vast experience and knowledge, we have many OEM customers, and this technical knowledge and the enormous understanding of roll applications are the first preference among the customers.

Rubber rolls from us are constructed to withstand the most challenging demands, such as temperature fluctuations or abrasives and solvents. We produce a range of customized rubber rollers for various kinds of applications. These are fabricated with new technologies and innovative ideas as well. The industries we serve include printing, paper, plastic, packaging, and many more. Our mission is to supply our customers with the quality equipment they require to be successful.

The Rubber Roller is specifically designed to meet the exacting web spreading requirements of the paper, textile, plastics industries & many more. It has proved its reliability time after time in demanding environments. Our Rubber Rollers offer clients a broad scope of benefits like – abrasive resistance, antistatic property, chemical resistance, heat resistance, nonstick surface, friction resistance, and others specification as per requirement.

We are not here to sell rollers only; we are here to provide a technical solution.

Advancements in Rubber Roller Technology

Before rubber, people used rollers made from materials such as wood or metal. If it hadn't been for the invention invented by Charles Goodyear in 1840, rubber rollers would not exist. Goodyear found that adding sulfur and lead and putting the rubber mixture in the stove improved chemical, water, and weather resistance and elasticity as well. Soon, as engineers started experimenting with this finding, the manufacturers of the Industrial Revolution discovered that they could add soft rubber or light rubber to solid steel rods to perform many tasks related to the manufacturing process that steel alone could not do. Thus, the rubber roller was born. Rubber rollers, replacing metal rollers, have revolutionized many industries worldwide for over a century. It is now part of the development of sustainability and applications in many production sectors. Publishers, who in the 1920s used it to apply thin layers of glue to apply ink to printing plates, have now come a long way. Thanks to continuous technological innovation in rubber rollers, it has been possible to create customized solutions for various industries and production sectors. Rubber rollers that just made printing tasks easier have now evolved into fiberglass sleeves for printers. Rubber rollers with excellent rubber-metal bonding, heat resistance, and thermal conductivity, among other features, make it the preferred choice in many manufacturing sectors. The industrial rubber roller is a technology-based device designed for the manufacturing industry. The product has an internal shaft made of metal such as aluminum, steel, or carbon fiber. This metal stem is coated with elastomeric solid compounds, including silicone, EPDM, neoprene, and natural rubber. The rubber roller industry has developed rapidly in the last decade. The new-generation manufacturers demand the best quality and technologically advanced rollers, and on the other hand, the new-generation rubber roller manufacturers are also flourishing with the introduction of new and improved products. From the time of ordinary rollers till now, rubber rollers have grown exponentially in terms of both material options and usage options. The new edge rollers have evolved and achieved the listed features: - Resistant to inclement weather - Sturdy design - Returns to its original shape if distorted during application - Resistant to chemicals - Resistant to scratching and bumping - High coefficient of friction - Swiftly compensates for minor changes that occur in machines precision - Durability - High tensile strength - Resistant to wear and tear Over the years, the advent of technology has changed the mechanism of industrial rubber rollers. Most reputable companies benefit from modern technology. And just like that, modern technology has contributed to the development of modern rubber rollers, which ensures a bright future for many industries that use rubber rollers.


Anar Rub Tech Pvt Ltd is leading manufacturer of industrial rubber roller in ahmedabad. Industrial rubber roller widely used for web processing in varies field. It is used in varies application like paper mill textile, printing, steel, packaging, plastic, converting, plywood, lather etc. Furthermore, this highly finished, abrasion-resistant, and High tensile strength Industrial Rubber Roller which provide excellent outcome.