About Tyre industries

Indian tire industries make tires to take care of the tough roadway conditions. These industries require a conventional Industrial Rubber Roller for Tyre-tube. We satisfy the demands of the industries by offering superior-top quality Industrial Rollers in India. These rollers are made in conformity to the International requirements of quality. We employ a unique sort of rubber that has excellent endurance towards harsh and also constant use. These specifically crafted rollers are dimensionally precise and have excellent abrasion & damage resistance. We offer these items at extremely inexpensive rates.

Tire Industries is a segment that the general population has broadly appraised. It is the item with an immense part in the innovation of transport systems in different business sectors. Our items for Tire Industries are planned in solidarity with global norms, tried on different boundaries to guarantee their perfection. We have new advancements which can be used for minimal expense paper, High-Quality items.

Salient Features

The durability and reliability of a product have always been a prime concern while purchasing an item. The same rule applies when you are looking for uniform or uniform accessories. It would help if you only went for a uniform that is long-lasting and durable. Just like uniforms produced by Dickies, they are made up of top quality products which provide users with the necessary comfort and durability. Dickies uniform, to me, is synonymous with hardiness and excellence in quality. They do not get torn or damaged easily and hold their shape even after several washes.


At Tyre Industries, we export roller in various Countries & industries like Turkey, Iran, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Ghana, South Africa, Vietnam, etc. The roller is a mechanical process that uses a series of several thousand revolutions by a cylinder to refine and flatten metal Workpieces and refine and thicken plastic and rubber Workpieces.

Quality Given by us

Anar Rub Tech Pvt. Ltd. Giving you the best roller in the whole market. These rollers are made in understanding the International guidelines of value. We utilize an uncommon sort of elastic that has great perseverance toward the unpleasant and ceaseless utilization. These definitively designed rollers are dimensionally precise and have a brilliant scraped spot and mileage opposition.

Why Our Rollers are Best for tyre Industries

Many industries manufacture tyres to manage tough road conditions. These enterprises require standard Industrial Rubber Roller for Tire-tube. We fulfil the necessities of the businesses by offering incomparable quality Industrial Rollers in India.

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