safty chuck

Safety Chuck

A Safety Chuck is a specialized type of clamp used in machine tools to hold a rotating work piece. They come in various shapes and sizes and are used mainly in woodworking, metalworking, and other manufacturing areas where a high-value work piece must be securely held while being machined. They are generally attached to the bed of the machine tool and have a means for setting the rotation angle of the work piece. In operation, this angle can then be mechanically controlled by a feed device such as a rotary table or linear table.

Our company is dedicated to providing the highest quality Industrial Safety Chuck products to our clients to meet their demands. They are utilized in various industries. One of the main benefits of these products is that they're generally used for winding or unwinding purposes, which helps reduce the loading and unloading times. They are made of high-quality materials, which allows them to be highly sophisticated in their design. These types of products are offered in sizes of 1 inch, 1.5 inches, and 2 inches. They are also accessible at a reasonable price in the market.

Safety Chuck Mounting

  • Safety of foot and base mounting chuck
  • Flange/wall mounting safety chuck

Types of Safety Chuck

  • Light Duty up to 500 kg
  • Types of Tilting, Sliding, and Tilting
  • Heavy-Duty up to 2000 kg

Safety Chuck

All accessories are manufactured and are offered with CGS (Metric) and FPS (Imperial) sizes. In FPS (Imperial) sizes.


  • 1"
  • 1.25"
  • 1.5"
  • 2"

Industries of Safety Chuck

Anar Rub Tech Pvt. Ltd. leading provider of industrial Safety chucks that are highly effective at safeguarding necessary equipment. The product can easily handle hours of pulling, pushing and lifting activities without any wear and tear problems. Furthermore, the safety chucks are capable of energy-absorbing to safeguard equipment in case of any sudden load changes. It assists in trapping moving loads if the primary controller fails, resulting in severe back damage or bodily harm to nearby personnel.

A variant of classic Safety Chuck. With double holding component - square for force moving and round for load taking care of. They are designed for higher-speed applications—automatic locking upon rotation. Safety Chuck offers more precision than the standard square type safety chuck.


Today, the demand for Safety Chuck across the nation is on the rise. Safety Chuck is utilized in the process that is used to manufacture various types of products. Anar Rub Tech Pvt. Ltd. Safety Chuck Export companies have been producing different kinds of the standard quality needed for many purposes.


We have innovative products which are capable of handling the shaft safely for light and heavy-duty. Simple usage of the product makes it one of the most sought products across the industries.

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Quality, Simplicity, Reliability, and Innovation are the foundations of Anar Rub Tech Pvt. Ltd. Since the time its commencement in 1978,

The products are used in various industries for various applications. We have our team of engineers who are capable of designing these products as per the different needs of different customers. We have our team who are capable of providing after-sales services to our customers if requested.