Our Roller for Foil Industries

Anar Rub Tech Pvt. Ltd. is the most popular supplier of rubber rollers in India which is developed for use as a foil for insulation purposes. We make the rubber Roller using the highest quality of raw material specifically sourced from reliable suppliers. The rubber rollers are made using the most advanced technology under skilled professionals who adhere to internationally accepted quality guidelines. They possess incredible hindrance properties along with the ability to reflect heat. They are made of materials that are resistant to flame. Our rollers are invulnerable to abrasion and also scraped spots. They also have a great tolerance.

The extremely thin films of plastic are extremely delicate, and they may fold and wrinkle in processing. This is why a stable and dimensionally solid coating for rollers is essential in the manufacturing process. A roller that performs efficiently due to long service life, and, based on the purpose, it is appropriate for any solvent, water, and UV/EB color systems such as a roller from Continental.

Sensitive coordination can be achieved by using our specially designed polymer materials specifically for the film. This allows you to attain extraordinary properties when you make the stretch, extrusion, and blow-blown films. We've got the right solution for the unique processing challenges. With our silicone rollers, precise surfaces can also be created.

It's free of creases and as simple as wrapping films using Continental rollers - such as the specially-designed spreading layer - over the rollers. This is due to a substance that blocks marks and completely smoothes the film without over lengthening.

Each roller is stable throughout the process and produces excellent results.

Why we are Advance

Our rollers are manufactured using high-quality material specifically procured from trusted suppliers. They are produced using the most advanced technology under the guidance of experts in conformity with the international standards for quality. They are extremely resistant to fire and reflectivity to heat. They are constructed of fire-resistant material. Our rollers resist wear and tear as well as abrasion. Additionally, they are long-suffering.

Quality of our Roller

We focus on creating the best high-quality product made of durable rubber and meets our customers' specific needs. We offer a variety of designs to our customers who can choose the one that meets their needs most. We are aware of how important it is to maintain good relations with our customers and work together to build trust and enjoy collaboration. We, therefore, guarantee the highest quality outcomes!


We export our rollers to a variety of countries and industries. We provide high-quality rollers to Pakistan. We export to these destinations: Turkey, Iran, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Ghana, South Africa, Vietnam, etc.

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