Air Shaft

Air Shaft

Being one of the leading manufacturers of the Lug type air shaft, we offer shafts to customers of different specifications. They are widely used in winding/unwinding operations and are ideal for single-core applications. As they are high in demand, we offer a wide range of Expandable shafts. They help to handle the material web, such as in Continuous printing presses, film extrusion plants, paper mills, Lamination machines, Coating machines, Textile machines, Slitting machines. They are leak-proof, low maintenance and highly efficient.

The lugs are arranged in zig-zag and straight patterns according to use. Lugs provide more contact are to hold the core firmly and allow high torque for rotation as a most versatile yet easy to operate, lug type core shafts are highly used in most machines. We provide lug type shafts Diameters from 1” to all the way 12” in length up to 6 Meters. We also offer a customized size for specific users to fulfill their requirements.

Furthermore, the reel shaft of the same dimension can be modified for Heavy Duty and Normal usage in accordance with the kind of usage and application. Our lugs are specially designed for slip-less core holding without damaging core material or deforming it & each gripper comes with an ergonomic chamfer to facilitate the core insert. The journal's dimension tolerance is extremely tight to ensure more rigidity and better fit in operations.

Construction Materials:-

  • Pipe: Aluminium or Steel
  • Lug: Steel, Rubber or Plastic
  • Shaft End: Hardened EN-8.


  • Cantilever shaft
  • Different sizes of lug (Gripper)

Available Size:

  • Core ID from 1'' up to 12”
  • Length up to 6000mm ("240")

Why Choose us?

We offer these premium products with :

  • Optimum efficiency & consistency.
  • High performance with accurate dimensions.
  • Highly durable, reliable & sturdy.
  • High-grade performance for winding application area.
  • Better finishing, effectiveness & dimensional accuracy.
  • Large comprehensive stocks from light-duty to heavy-duty work.
  • Also, customize as per the specification of sizes & dimensions.
  • operating at a very fast speed with less vibrations or noise.
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